Since 2003 EYEFUNNY The Diamond Brand
Since 2005 EYEFUNNY Co.,Ltd
Since 2008 EYEFUNNY OmotesandoHills Boutique
Since 2009 EYEFUNNY jewelry ISETAN Men's
Since 2017 EYEFUNNY Ginza Boutique

External collaborations
Since 2003 Patsons India
2005/2009 United Arrows Japan
2005/2009 ESTNATION Japan
   2006 SERAPHIN France
   2006 Zintala Italy
   2009 Quai de Valmy France
2013/2017 colette France
2015/2017 MAZE Saudi Arabia
2015/2021 EYEFUNNY jewelry HANKYU Men's Osaka

EYEFUNNY, which was established by Mr. Kawamura,
was incorporated in 2005 as EYEFUNNY Co,.Ltd.
The basic philosophy of EYEFUNNY is to create beautiful
jewelry that touches people's hearts.
This is because we believe that such profound emotions
create a cycle of happiness for people, thereby serving to
perpetuate a peaceful world where everyone can share
spiritual richness.
EYEFUNNY brings together high quality diamonds created
by its partner company, Patsons India, with superior product
quality backed by traditional Japanese craftsmanship.
The company is committed to creating first-class jewelry
that combines outstanding materials with unsurpassed technology.